One of the greatest sources of satisfaction in our lives is the ability to accept uncomfortable emotions and circumstances. How is this so? motions act as a feedback loop for our thoughts and activities, and by working with our emotions instead of against them, we can make healthier choices that lead to self-fulfillment, not self-destruction.

Some of us weren’t taught the value of listening to our emotions. It may even feel unnatural for some of us who were told – either explicitly or through mirroring – that uncomfortable feelings should be avoided or are a sign of weakness.

The opposite is true. Accepting your uncomfortable emotions is what builds emotional strength and resilience. 

Rather than deny your uncomfortable emotions, take a step back to grant them full hospitality. Talking through your feelings, even if it’s just with yourself, gives you the chance to learn what your vulnerabilities are and how you can better cope with them.

Accepting uncomfortable feelings is also good practice for tolerating them. Many people stuff their emotions down until they inevitably explode. If you struggle with overwhelming feelings of sadness or anger, it may be because – paradoxically – you don’t allow yourself the full range of emotional expression.

To grant yourself the freedom to feel weak is, in fact, a sign of emotional and spiritual strength and resiliency.

If you’d like to learn more about developing greater self-discipline,  through the art of connecting with yourself and others on a similar heroic path, please reach out to the Spiral Path Healing Arts Center. I look forward to beginning that journey with you!