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Open-mindedness and acceptance are important to me. That is why my practice is an inclusive one that embraces all faiths, beliefs, and backgrounds. I want you to be able to feel comfortable using a mutual exchange of dialog to learn and grow together as we work through your concerns. Being able to relate and connect is at the heart of what I hope to foster in every session I conduct with you. Because it is through this sense of connection that your values and concerns are validated and explored... and where beliefs that no longer serve you can be released with a renewed sense of being, belonging and contributing.

Valuing the Multifacets of You

Inside you are a myriad of influences that have evolved through your life experiences and what makes you who you are today. I take a holistic approach that focuses on the different facets of what makes you who you are and how you are. We start by looking at the past, but not in the sense that most people think. 

I do not believe in belaboring and examining the past through a microscope, but instead help you unlock and become freed from the pain or trauma of the past so you can move forward. There is a difference, and this is what makes what I do so effective. Understanding what influences your behavior and reactions to things is the first step toward helping you grow and release what may be holding you back, affecting your relationships, or undermining your confidence. 

You will appreciate my approach because it is about building confidence in yourself, self-reliance and independence. It’s about helping you create an enriched and fulfilled life in the here and now while bringing out the very best in you so you can realize true peace, harmony and contentment. It’s about helping you discover and value all the facets of you, so that you can look forward to the future and what you will accomplish as a result … in your own way and on your own terms.

Client Focus

Embrace The Present

Enabling you to recognize what activates certain types of responses from you so you can better handle a circumstance or situation is what embracing your present is all about. It is also about helping you understand how others perceive things differently from you.  You will become more aware of those around you and how they affect you positively and negatively. Empowering you to accept who you are and how you are … every aspect of you … will give you the trust in yourself to understand how to work through situations with confidence. 

You will gain the self assurance and ability to focus on what is most important to you, allowing you to live a fulfilling life by gaining the necessary skills to not sweat the small stuff, and yet stand your ground when needed.

Hope for the Future

Creating a greater awareness of who you are and what you have to contribute to this world, both in small and big ways, is the beginning of hope. This awareness gives you a renewed outlook on what the future has in store.  I will help you get through situations so you can look ahead with confidence by helping you formulate goals. We will celebrate your achievements along the way and explore the opportunities that lay before you, dealing with internal blocks that prevent you from achieving your dreams.  You will become more grounded in the present, so you can look toward the future with clarity and possibilities. Best of all, you will gain the strength and fortitude to cope with any future challenges or situations.

Discover Well-Being

Realizing a more relaxed and peaceful outlook on your life enables you to discover yourself in a way that creates an inner peace and understanding unlike you’ve known before. I will gently guide you toward solutions that pull from your own internal resources while enabling you to tap into what may be blocking you from get to where you want to be. I will give you tools to continue to nurture your physical and emotional self to total health and contentment. You will no longer doubt or despair, but listen to yourself with trust, compassion, curiosity and confidence.

Services Provided

Providing Individual and Group therapy; Supervision for LCMHC-A; Consultation for Internal Family System therapists and practitioners.

Specialty Areas Include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Life Transitions
  • PTSD
  • Work and Career Issues
  • Grief
  • Right Relationships
  • Spiritual Concerns
  • Women’s Empowerment and Retreats
  • Personal Growth
  • Internal Family Systems Consultation Group
  • The Right Use of Power as an ethical practice

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