October 10, 2019

Mistake; a phrase that carries a cringeworthy meaning. As we journey through this life, we have been taught not to make mistakes. Strive to do your best! When we make a mistake, we need to own up to it and fix the situation. Mistakes have received a bad rap in society. We invest much time in avoiding them instead of embracing what we could learn from them. Are we living in fear? Have we set aside time to evaluate what a mistake could be in our life? How it could be a teachable moment? 

Let’s start by retraining our minds to accept that some mistakes are simply a lesson. They are milestones that help us continue our growth pattern on our journey. Think of a time where you could have performed better at work. Did you get reprimanded? Did you beat yourself up over the situation? What would have been a better reaction? Consider evaluating what could be done differently as we move forward. Accept you had the experience; this might turn what seems negative into a positive. We waste much energy beating ourselves up over learning experiences. Would you chastise a child who has never taken a step? No! You encourage that child to get up, dust off, and keep walking! Why wouldn’t you pour that same encouragement into yourself? You’re still learning new walks of life. Shift your perspective!  

Next, I would like you to allow yourself the space for self-forgiveness. At times, those mistakes can bring hurt to others. You may have been in a different pattern in your life during that time. You likely have grown from that experience. Great! However, you have a nagging feeling when you remember this time. Have you truly taken the time to forgive yourself? Have you allowed yourself to be vulnerable enough to share this mistake with a confidante? What about communicating with the person you may have hurt? While each of these questions can carry broad responses, the key here is that forgiveness goes a long way in the learning process. You won’t be able to grow if you keep your mind in a constant state of failure.  

Oh, failure. This remains a painful undercurrent for many on their journey. I want you to recognize that keeping your mind focused on failing carries very deep roots. The root is fear. Fear of failing. Fear of letting someone down. Fear of the unknown. Fear of a response. Living paralyzed in fear will not permit you to grow. Let’s turn fear on itself! There is freedom in making a mistake. Dusting off and going again. There is confidence gained knowing you not only conquered a deep fear but that you learned something from it!   

I want you to see what I see. You have so much potential to shift your thinking. Mistakes have their place in our lives and they aren’t to harm us. Yes, they can bring some unwelcoming and even painful moments, but your perspective defines the outcome. Mistakes can be enriching. Let us join in redefining mistakes in our lives. Let’s perceive them as teachable moments and learn to embrace the change as it comes our way.  

I would love to further speak with you about your journey. If you would like to begin shifting your perspective in order to live a more rewarding and enriching life, let’s talk.  

Additional reading and source: So You’ve Made a Mistake. Where Do You Go from Here?