March 26, 2020

Well, here we are. As diverse and distributed as we are in this world, here we are, unified in such an unexpected way. This current global crisis has made many face the powerful nature of uncertainty.

Draw your attention to the beautifully unique power of the human spirit: the ability to adapt. As much as we hope, we find that when something is not changing, our next option is to find ways to keep moving forward. I hope that during this intense twist of global history, you are finding healthy ways to manage and adapt. The range of emotions can consume us if we let it. Journey with me for a moment through our desire to fix, our nature to shut down, and discover our hidden power.
The Fixer 

As much as we love to fix and control our situations, we only have our personal responsibility in which we can manage. Trying to solve the world’s problems is unrealistic and unattainable. Let’s take a step back and realize what is in front of us. What can we do within the realms of our world? Trying to gain absolute certainty places unnecessary pressure on your inner peace. Once we let go of our aim for having absolute certainty, you will experience great freedom. By focusing on your world, you can see how you can contribute to your day. Once you focus on your portion, the ripple effect is powerful, not to mention inspiring. This is how you impact the greater good.
The Overwhelmed 

While some may experience the urge to fix and control, others may have a sinking feeling that leads to shutting down. The feeling of being out of control can vastly overwhelm some. This may lead to an emotional shut down; a deer in headlights effect, if you will. This reaction may seem like a way to protect ourselves and provide superficial relief, at first. However, this isn’t a place to pitch a tent and remain. Apathy is usually rearing its head around the corner, ready to pitch a tent beside you and eventually within you.  Start by taking a deep breath. You have survived 100% of life’s battles to this point and you will continue to persevere. Instead of shutting down, focus on small tasks. Intentionally clear your mind. Practice your breathing. Keep your mind focused on completing one small task at a time. Start there until you regain your natural momentum.
Your Power Within 
Did you know that no matter how you respond to a situation, we do not give ourselves enough credit to see ourselves through? We have an innate ability to cope. Some may navigate the waters a bit differently than others, but it is built deep within us to cope and survive. Many don’t explore or trust their ability but it is a personal resource we often overlook.  In the event fears do materialize, you, my friend, are more powerful than you realize. Your life experiences and your fortitude all culminate into a mighty power within if you allow it: the power to adapt and adjust.

Don’t Compromise
Finally, do a self-check. Are you sleeping well? Exercising? Meditating? Practicing self-care? Our initial response to crises is usually compromising our routines and practices that help us stay healthy. Don’t forsake these treasures. These are balances we need to maintain our focus through to the other side of these challenges. Keep these as priorities as we adjust and adapt.  

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For further reading/source: 5 Ways to Manage Your Fear of Uncertainty