July 6, 2020

Mindfulness, while life-changing, gets a lot of wordplay. Do we truly grasp the depth of its meaning? You may feel like you grasp the concept but there’s a longing for more? Being mindful is quite dimensional. It requires compassion and kindness for it to be fully effective. Fusing these traits and embracing their connection with each other will help you reach your fullest potential. 

Imagine a world where you are simply aware. Being mindful is a judgment-free zone where you attempt to remain in a state of awareness. A friend approaches you with heartfelt concern. Being mindful allows you to see the situation for what it is. Complimenting mindfulness with compassion and kindness allows you to respond in a warmer, welcoming way. A way that allows you to look that person in the eyes, hear their words, feel their words, and respond with the vulnerability needed for healing. Mindfulness, by itself, lends itself to a dry, cold, practical response.  

Let’s shift our thoughts and contemplate self-mindfulness. When you find yourself practicing mindfulness within your own heart and soul, exercising compassion and kindness goes a long way. You may be mindful of past hurts, current issues, world affairs, health woes- you name it! When you offer yourself the gifts of compassion and kindness, in tandem with being mindful, you begin to unearth a deeper aspect of your healing. You are giving yourself a safe space during this introspection. If you are having difficulties with childhood trauma, offering yourself the trifecta of mindfulness, compassion, and kindness allows you to hug your inner child.  

British-Australian Theravada Buddhist Ajahn Brahm put it succinctly by coining the phrase kindfulness. It’s such a breathtaking word. Soak that in for a moment. Kindfulness. It rolls off the tongue in such an ethereal way. What a beautiful melding of words! Let us be mindful and kind to ourselves, and others, in such a way that we are kindful.  

You may have questions and wish to further discuss and explore how to practice this in your life. I would love to schedule a time to help you on your journey. I offer HIPPA-compliant video sessions as well as in-person sessions if you would like to seek how to fully practice mindfulness, with compassion and kindness. Contact me today: