September 30, 2020

Living in the now is essential to mindfulness. It’s naturally a stress-reducer that helps you navigate through your days. However, as practical as we are, we acknowledge that a bit of planning and projecting is required to live our lives. 2020 has placed us in a perpetual watch-and-wait pattern. As restrictions modify and the CDC guidelines update, we have not been able to make long term plans. Should we visit the family this holiday season? Should we plan a vacation for next year? Are we holding off on making decisions with our career, family, or personal goals? A silver lining to this year is that we have been forced to view life through a very mindful lens. We have been forced to live in the moment due to all of the unknowns. We haven’t a grasp on what each month, let alone day, will bring. So much so, we may have neglected to start making plans and goal-setting, again. That planning is the essence of the human existence. It gives us a sense of hope; a vision. How can we strike that balance of being present in the moment and plan for the future? 
Let’s apply our lessons from this year. For most of us, we likely started out 2020 with goals. By March, worldwide, this was significantly changed. We worked through various emotions of fear, disappointment, frustration, and possibly loneliness. There are two ways in which I want you to approach making plans in your life as you regain a sense of normalcy. 
Toss Out Expectations 
As we grow from this year, let’s begin setting goals again. While being mindful of our now and the world’s various global, political, social climates, we can begin planning again. Likewise, we must avoid setting unmoving expectations. Don’t marry yourself to exact outcomes. Aim to accomplish your goals. Similarly, understand that the most unusual and beautiful part of life is experiencing the journey to get to that goal; it’s not always a straight path. 
Check the Worrying at the Door 
Worry is consuming and exhausting. Let’s read that again: worry is CONSUMING and EXHAUSTING. It takes over your thoughts. It builds itself by going down mental rabbit holes that have no substance. You may spend time projecting various outcomes and if we’re being honest, the outcome isn’t what we’re able to flesh out in our minds. Conversely, planning is not to be in tandem with worrying. Plan and restore that sense of excitement, but don’t allow worry to take over. Planning breathes life into your future but doesn’t consume itself with worry. 

Ultimately, be present in the planning. Expecting and worrying are where the troubles sneak into our lives. They compromise our mindfulness. If this blog stirs you with more questions, I am offering in-person appointments as well as HIPAA-compliant virtual options. Contact me, today:  704-540-2855