May 9, 2019

“Self-care” gets a lot of social media play, but do we truly comprehend the depth of that phrase? The idea of ensuring that we take care of ourselves sounds wonderful.

However, when we have the opportunity, we gravitate to the trite use of candles, bubble baths, and quiet time to escape and reset. That isn’t to say these tokens aren’t helpful, but they are overly simplistic. There is no long-term result in these smaller moments. We should want to embrace and challenge our life, not escape from it.  

Self-care is much more dimensional. Self-care is the opportunity to create strong spiritual and physical patterns during our life’s journey. In doing so, we can trust that within ourselves is the power to overcome the various obstacles of life.  

The Secret to Self-care 
Challenging ourselves and seeing ourselves through the new perspective of victory. You are triumphant. From intentional challenges to pushing through the unexpected ones, we aren’t just simply going through the motions. With each challenge, we gain a new view of ourselves. We CAN do this. We can surmount the obstacle.  

Intentional challenges could be running that 5k or 10k. Opening that small business. Mastering that new instrument. To truly attend to our self-care, we must see the improvement. Having our “ah-ha!” moments in these situations creates indelible healing patterns. We can see the defined spikes in our personal growth; where our sense of self-care has a concrete landmark on our personal timelines.

Unexpected challenges help us to see that we have not only the ability to make lemonade out of life’s lemons, but we can create lemon meringue pie! We have an intrinsic power in ourselves not just to escape and survive from life’s upheavals but conquer them. The mark of self-care within these unintentional challenges is truly spiritual. We have everything already within us to conquer. It’s just a matter of discovering that power.  

Whether self-care comes by way of intentional or unintentional challenges, we can mark our personal growth so clearly. True self-care opens the world to unshakable courage and confidence. That unshakable confidence translates to all-encompassing self-love. Candles? Bubble baths? Quiet time? Those are the added bonuses to a person already enriched with self-care.