How are you? No, really. How are you? I write this with the most heartfelt concern. With the world in a somewhat inverted state, emotions are running high and anxiety is weighing heavy on even the strongest. Shifting dynamics that would not typically challenge our inner peace are doing the very opposite. With the ongoing self-isolation, we begin to dive deeper into our minds and unwittingly unpack our emotions. This new normal is adaptable, but finding our new footing can cause more sensitivity to the imbalance. Be comforted, you can find your way and adapt to this unusual time. 

Anxiety is a very acceptable and normal response. It has its place in our lives. Our reaction to unexpected and stressful factors is as natural as breathing. It’s when we allow it to take over our lives that we need to evaluate its impact. If we begin losing our ability to self-care, then I encourage you to step back and notice the energy it’s bringing to your life. Where and how is anxiety paralyzing you?  How can you embrace its presence?  

Recognize that anxiety is like an unwelcomed guest. Fighting against the unwelcomed guest brings to light some very mixed emotions. However, accepting its presence as temporary and working through the opposition allows you to see your amazing abilities. You are perseverant. You are bold. More importantly, you are able to shift your perspective about this anxiety by: 

1. affirming that this time is trying, 
2. seeing that you are doing your best,  
3. and understanding you will see get through this challenge.  

These points might feel like the opposite reaction but it’s actually what is needed to endure. We tend to offer compassion and empathy to others going through times where anxiety and uncertainty are running high. However, we neglect ourselves when we begin to struggle. Showing yourself the same love that you give externally can bring so much clarity and healing to a difficult situation.  

May I take a moment to encourage you to find gratitude in these difficult times. Similarly, this sounds like an opposite reaction but bringing gratitude to an uncertain time can give you a breakthrough. The act of surrendering and offering gratitude during these times can break down the walls of these opposing forces. You see through the confusion, clarity.  You see through the worry, peace. Take your time to create a box where you drop in a daily dose of thank you to your world. Put gratitude into the world that you are alive. Express your thankfulness over being exactly where you’re supposed to be during this time of your life. Share your daily thanks for the revealing of taking on what is yours and the release of what isn’t. You will see your mind shift from expectations to appreciation. That resounding surrender and acceptance to things we have no control over, external or internal, is invaluable.   

I would love to continue this conversation with you and am grateful to continue to offer my HIPAA-compliant telehealth services. You can and will get through this season. Contact me today to book an appointment: 704-540-2855 

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