February 24, 2020

There is something simple and encouraging about the changing of the seasons. Being aware and absorbing this beautiful world that we share with nature uplifts my mind. As Spring approaches, I observe the trees, bushes, and bulbs that are starting their new journey. Green is beginning to sprout and envelop our world. I see the beginnings of new blooms. I’m honored to share my office view with a beautiful, old Bradford Pear tree. It’s creaky, bending branches reside near my window. Its renewal is beginning. This old tree is shifting from the starkness and emptiness of Winter to the robust, healthy blossoms of Spring. All to begin its season over again, aligning itself with a new season in our lives. 

This brings my mind to our seasons as we journey through this world. Life is often paralleled with the four seasons; each season carrying us through different chapters in our lives.  Whether it’s the Spring or Winter season of relationships, jobs, circumstances, and milestones, I hope we can embrace the circular nature of these moments in our lives. Whether positive or negative in context, these seasons have a place in our lives.  
While in these seasons, we tend to find refuge in our habits. After all, we are creatures of habit. However, staying in our daily routine can allow us to miss commonplace miracles that are occurring in our day-to-day lives. A drive to work can be a mundane or taxing task for some. Walking down the sidewalk of our concrete jungles is usually a rushed experience to get from A to B. Allowing ourselves the space to be mindful can transform our lives. During that drive to work, did you take time to observe the sky while at a stoplight? While walking, did you notice the blades of grass that are piping up through the cracks? These are tender moments that we miss when we are in our thoughts or, dare I say, our phones! 
I challenge you to take time to truly enjoy what is happening as our lives and seasons transition. Spring doesn’t guarantee a right to all wrongs nor an answer to complicated situations. However, Spring does willingly and lovingly renew our perspective: if we allow it.  
I encourage you to view nature on your path today. Winter arrived bringing the coldness that we’ve come to expect. However, Spring is coming full circle to bring the renewal that we crave in our lives. Being mindful can allow us to join in the new season’s celebration of life. It can usher in a sense of optimism. This spark of optimism and hope can begin rooting itself in our minds. It can give us a renewed sense of hope.

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For further reading/source: Spring Into Mindfulness