As Spring returns, we begin to see flowers blossom, temperatures rise, and people seem to reemerge. Nature is reawakening. For many, Spring feels like a new and fresh start even more so than the start of a new year. With the revitalization of the world around us, we’re bound to feel a desire to renew ourselves.

Why Renew in Spring?

Whenever you feel ready to make fresh changes in your life, no matter the time of year, take that opportunity. For many, coming out of the cold, darkness of Winter, and stepping into the bright warmth of Spring ignites a passion for change. The days are longer, and the desire to soak in the sun typically leads to more uplifting and optimistic thinking. According to,

“Getting enough daylight is essential for maintaining balance and keeping a consistent schedule. Longer days with more sunlight help you create more dopamine in your brain. A healthy dose of dopamine helps kick start your energy levels and, therefore, your motivation and ambition”.

It’s natural to have a newfound sense of determination in Spring. As seedlings are insistent on breaking through the soil, you can be committed to starting fresh.

How Do I Renew Myself?

Finding the inspiration and motivation to restart this Spring will come naturally for some but may still be a bit difficult for others. No matter which category you fall under, there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of this new season.

Success Magazine recommends seizing the opportunity of motivation that Spring provides. Spring is a fleeting season that we will only spend 25% of our lifetime in, so why not take advantage while we can? They go on to say, “The rocks, weeds and thorns of the world cannot destroy all your seeds if you plant massively and intelligently enough”. While it’s a great idea to stop and smell the newly bloomed flowers, Spring shouldn’t be a time of inactivity. If you have something you would like to take on, go for it! Nature is working hard as well.

Another way to restore yourself this Spring is to get out in nature as often as possible. I mentioned this earlier, but getting enough sunlight is vital to positive thinking. Just be sure to protect your skin from the sun. Also, being out in the healing atmosphere of the outdoors can work wonders for you. I’ve talked previously about the mental and emotional benefits of nature bathing. Spring is the perfect time to see if this practice is something you’d be interested in!

Spring can also be seen as a time to work on caring for yourself. Well Life Therapy has an article that discusses a few ways you can reawaken your spirit in Spring. One thing they recommend is working on self-care every day: “Daily attention to ourselves through exercise, spiritual practices, social support, good nutrition, and adequate sleep are so very important”.

Again, many people consider Spring to be more of a fresh start than New Year’s Day. On that same note, making Spring resolutions may be helpful on your journey to self-renewal. If you’ve been wanting to improve your daily routine, implement some personal lifestyle changes, or even just work up the courage to do something you’ve been putting off, now is a great time. After all, you now have more daylight to take on these activities!

What Happens When Spring Ends?

Just because Spring ends in June, your renewed motivation and drive don’t have to disappear along with it. Once you’ve found activities or routines that inspire growth and happiness within you, stick with them as best you can. However, it’s important not to overwhelm or burn yourself out by overdoing these things. These practices should be sustainable and enjoyable year-round. If you find yourself losing that spark as the days get shorter, try to remember what motivated you in the first place. Think about the energy and ambition you felt when Spring began. That motivation was in you all along; you just needed to be reminded of it.

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